• sworn translations
    • Certified translations, also known as Sworn Translations, are made by a translator accredited and appointed by the Commercial Board Trade Board (Junta Comercial) of each Brazilian state.
    • The translation contains a statement of the translator that he has translated the text completely and to the best of his/her knowledge and ability. The translation is printed on special paper bearing the official translator logo / it is stamped and sealed. The source document, or - depending on the demands of the recipient country - a copy of it, with the stamp and initials of the translator, must remain attached to the translation. Now the document has become an official document and may be presented for official purposes.
    • No later changes like signatures, certifications etc. may be added to the document, so that the translation is a true copy of the original document that was presented.
    • The prices comply with the price list established by the Trade Board of the State of São Paulo (JUCESP).

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  • Free translations
    • Our prices are market-oriented and depend on the complexity of the material to be translated and on your deadlines. You may send your request for a free quotation to:


Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation, in meetings, presentations, focus groups and events in general. Escort interpreters accompanying technical visits and inspections.

Language consulting/Proofreading

Proofreading of texts and standardization of terminology for your corporate terminology database.

Audio Transcriptions

Audio transcriptions of focus groups, interviews, events.

Some areas of expertise:

Tourism and Student Exchange Agencies
Personal documents required for visas; school documents, certificates and school transcripts.

Banks and Financial Institutions
Documents related to the financial and legal areas; contracts and bonds.

Civil Registry and Notary Offices
Personal documents; Civil Registry certificates; Powers of Attorney; interpreting services for civil weddings.

Consultancy Firms
Corporation By-laws and Statutes; register; working permits; documents required for registering products at the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA); experts reports and opinions.

Development of Websites
Translations of websites contents and menus.

Law Firms/ Corporate Legal Departments
Civil Registry documents and certificates for probate proceedings and double citizenship; powers of attorney; rogatory letters; summons; commercial correspondence in general; By-laws and Statutes; documents for the register of patents and procedures at government agencies.

Accounting Firms/Corporate Financial and Administrative Departments
Partners’ documents for registering companies at the Trade Board; contracts; statutes; balance sheets and financial statements; financial and audit reports; commercial correspondence in general.

Universities/Schools/Bilingual Schools
Certificates and school transcripts; abstracts; syllabus; CVs; documents required by educational institutions. 

Hotel Management and Events
Promotional material and brochures.

Market Research
Screeners and questionnaires; interview scripts; concepts and proposals; analysis reports; interpreting for focus groups and briefing/debriefing meetings; audio transcriptions and translations.

Insurance and Reinsurance Companies
Contracts; policies and reimbursements; financial reports; personal documents.

Tradings/Import & Export Companies
Documents required by the Customs authorities: BLs, invoices, certificates.